1 x Le Soleil et La Lune Ebook (PDF)

✨The Sun

✨The Moon

✨The Lunation Cycle

✨Embracing Polarity (Yin/Yang Phases)

✨The Eight Phases of the Lunation Cycle

✨The Four Elements

✨The Three Modalities

✨The Twelve Signs

✨The Twelve Houses

✨How to use the planner (Daily/Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly)


1 x Digital Journal with New/Full Moon & Eclipse Rituals

✨Monthly New Moon journal prompts & intention setting rituals

✨Monthly Full Moon journal prompts & shadow work/release rituals

✨Bi-Annual Eclipse insights & self care tips


3 x Digital Calendars (Google & iCal)

1. Lunation Phases (the what): yin/yang and seasonal energies every 3-5 days.


2. Moon Transits 

🌚 Through the signs (the how): illuminates the collectively unconscious/emotional energy of the sign it is transiting through for 3-4 days.


🌚 Through the houses (the where): insight into the area of life (house) you might feel intuitively or emotionally pulled to focus your attention on for 3-4 days.


3. Sun Transits

🌞 Through the signs (the how): illuminates the collective conscious/mental energy/vibe of the sign it is transiting through for that particular month.


🌞 Through the houses (the where): area of life you may feel consciously/mentally inspired to focus your attention for that month.


You will receive email invitations to access the 3 digital calendars via google calendar/iCal. If you would like to request PDF versions in your specific timezone please email me at briecosma@gmail.com.


Solar & Lunar Planner 2020 - Gemini Rising

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