• Brie Cosma

The true meaning of Easter Sunday

A tribute to one of the greatest teachers in history.

I don’t practice religion in a dogmatic sense but I was born into a catholic family and attended catholic schools. It wasn’t until some of the darkest moments in my life that I really started to connect with the depth of my belief in god and my faith in a huge way.

Whether you believe Jesus was the son of god or a deeply intuitive revolutionary, his story is one of the most epic.

All my life I was very aware of of the brutality of the end of Jesus’ life; the betrayal, the suffering and the sacrifice that he made for the greater good.However I believe the key message is in the resurrection.

It teaches us that despite what we endure we can always keep our faith and be unwavering in our worthiness to meet ourselves as god and continue to practice unwavering acceptance of the things we have endured that were outside of our control, even if it seems unjust.

We will all experience suffering, pain, trauma, heartache, betrayal and disappointment and we either choose to find acceptance, forgiveness and heal or we choose resentment, bitterness and distort the meaning of these misfortunes as unworthiness of love, joy, peace & contentment.

It is important to note that when I say accept and forgive I do not mean tolerate. I do not mean self-betrayal or martyrdom - I mean acceptance within yourself and a willingness to not make certain traumatic events or experience mean anything about who you are. We always have a choice in the way we perceive things and Jesus’ embodiment of unwavering faith, nonviolence, inclusivity and acceptance of what is (presence) is so inspiring to me.

I have been reflecting a lot on how the potency of his message was lost and distorted in many of the religious institutions in a shit show of exclusion, fear tactics and martyrdom (not to mention sexual abuse). I also cannot get over the irony that the heart of catholicism ended up in Rome, the origins of the empire that murdered him.

I believe the heart of his true teachings boil down to inclusivity, generosity, love, unwavering faith, forgiveness and acceptance. Happy Easter to whoever is celebrating this wonderful man’s life today!

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