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South Node Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

4/7 - 9:44pm PT

5/7 - 5:44am UK

5/7 - 6:44am CET

5/7 - 2:44pm AEST

Eclipses can be a trigger sudden dramatic events, changes or turning points. If you’ve been feeling ambivalent about an issue, an eclipse may force you to make a decision. Unexpected circumstances arise and demand a radical change of plans. Truths and secrets are revealed.

Things that aren’t 'meant to be’ will be swept away without notice. As shocking as their delivery can be, eclipses help open up space for the new. Similar to Uranus transits, you might be inspired to make a meaningful if radical course correction, or recommit to a path that matters. Eclipses are like a wild card - there is no way to predict how you will experience it. You could either feel wildly off centre or crystal-clear.

A lunar eclipse occurs at the Full Moon when the earth temporarily blocks the light of the Sun reaching the Moon. The earth passes directly between the Sun and the moon, cutting off their communication and casting a shadow on the earth. The South Node represents the past, decrease, and can shrink or reduce matters, especially relating to the material realm. South Node eclipses may trigger endings, letting go, purging, release and closure in the area of your chart that it falls into.

The full moon occurs with the sun and the moon in direct opposition. Oppositions are powerful because they bring potential for integration through balance of two polarities. This full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn brings the potential for integration through balancing the areas of your chart occupied by Capricorn and Cancer.

This lunation is bringing a close to the past 18 months of eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. It is an opportunity to purge anything that is no longer feeling in alignment for you in the Capricorn area of your birth chart. The Cancer archetype represents the energy of a warm, nurturing mother (The Moon), private self, home, family and rest where Capricorn represents a stern and serious father figure (Saturn), your public self, career, reputation and disciplined action.

What is being illuminated for you when you reflect on these polarities within yourself/your life?

Integrating the Shadow of Capricorn

  • Rigid attitudes

  • Closed minded

  • Scarcity/fear-based mindset

  • Inconsistent

  • Opportunistic

  • Greedy

  • Lack of morals

  • Depressed

Which Capricorn shadows do you feel are being exposed or illuminated about yourself/your life with this full moon?

How can you bring more self-compassion, acceptance and consciousness to these parts of yourself/your life?

Healing Affirmations for the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

I am safe, secure, stable and strong.

I strive to keep my personal life and professional goals in balance.

I willingly let go of the sorrow and sadness I am holding.

I release the fear and negativity that is blocking me.

I find joy and hope welling up within me.

I accept my capacity to plan wisely for my goals.

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