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New Moon in Aries

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

24th March 2020

8:28pm Eastern Australian Time

2:28am Pacific Time

5:28pm Central Indonesia Time

10:28am Central European Time

9:28am United Kingdom Time

The new moon brings an opportunity for new beginnings, clarity, a clean slate, potential, dreams, setting intentions, planning ahead and alignment with your highest self. It is the beginning of a new cycle and a great time to formulate new intentions that are aligned with your truth. In the darkness of the new moon we are steered towards our own inner wisdom.

If you can, set aside time for meditating, journaling or being in nature to ensure you are hearing the answers from your soul, as opposed to your ego. Get clear on your sense of direction and motivation. Try to feel into the answers as opposed to overthinking it.

Set your intention on the day of or just after the New Moon. Be realistic and kind to yourself when setting your intention in this phase so you can establish a strong foundation to be able to move forward with clarity and heart-centred motivation.

The new moon in Aries brings motivation and inspiration to strengthen your sense of self and capacity to function as an independent individual. It appears to be divinely timed as we are about to step into a new global paradigm, that we really harness into the courage and grit that the Aries archetype embodies. To be strong and fearless in our mindset and charge forward with unwavering clarity about who we are, what we value and what we are passionate about (which is unwavering and independent of the economic state of the world).

Considering the current state of the world we are living in, I would advise setting intentions that you will be able to action and achieve that will improve your emotional and mental wellbeing whilst in self-isolation/self-containment/lockdown. For example; making a commitment to start a daily mindfulness practice, morning ritual, yoga class, creative hobby, gratitude practice, mindset work. Something that will ground you and something that is within your control whilst you are at home.

New Moon in Aries themes include:

  • New beginnings; initiating, high energy, taking action, innovative approach.

  • Self-focus; focus on your physical wellbeing, survival issues, instincts, assertiveness.

  • Authenticity; honesty, impulsiveness, straightforwardness.

  • Self-discovery; exploration, taking risks, eagerness, competition.

  • Independence; self-direction, self-reliance, autonomy, self-sufficiency.

  • Courage; leadership, strength, vigilance, boldness.

Self Care Tips:

  • Focus on your personal wants and needs

  • Begin new projects or habits and explore new opportunities

  • Generate, begin, do, initiate, lead

  • Be courageous and take a risk

  • Face your fears by taking some inspired and imperfect action, you might feel more driven and enthusiastic to get things done

  • Try not to be too impulsive - make sure the action you choose to take is underpinned by your highest values

  • Exercise patience and try to find some healthy ways to manage your temper if you feel triggered

  • Prioritise something calming such as meditation or yoga to help with managing your emotions

  • Contribute to a cause you are passionate about

  • Diffuse patchouli essential oil (the oil of physicality)

  • Move your body - de-stress with a high intensity workout

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