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Full Moon in Libra

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

8th April 2020

12:35pm Eastern Australian Time

7:35pm Pacific Time

10:35am Central Indonesia Time

4:35am Central European Time

3:35am United Kingdom Time

The full moon can be seen as a fork in the road. It is the time in a cycle that provides illumination in whatever area of life it falls in your chart so you are given clarity for the next steps. Follow the clarity you receive to put you back on track to either achieving your intention or use it to course correct.

Option A: Move Forward

  • Choose to move ahead, taking action towards the intentions you had set.

  • Express gratitude and celebrate the ways your intention is starting to manifest.

  • Reflect on what is no longer serving you/holding you back from progress towards your goal. Release it and make space for growth and expansion.

Option B: Course Correct

  • Choose to accept that your intention/goal is no longer in alignment or is not working out as you hoped it would.

  • Release it & course-correct now.

  • Are you feeling resistance towards course correcting? Why?

  • Trust that releasing or ending something that is no longer in alignment for your highest good, will open the door to new opportunities.

Whichever option you choose - give thanks for all existing blessings, lessons, wisdom and experiences in your life. The full moon amplifies emotional sensitivity and can bring up intense feelings which can often be overwhelming. A releasing ritual will help to clear all that no longer serves you regardless of whether you are celebrating fulfilment of your intention or course correcting.

Libra is driven by the need to relate to others and create harmony and balance. A Venus ruled, cardinal, air sign that thrives on harmony and teaches us serenity and conscious control of the nervous system. It’s main goal is to transform consciousness to attain inner harmony and become empowered in learning how to self-soothe and calm themselves during conflict with others.

The strength of Libran energy is that of being able to see both sides to everything in their outer world which automatically creates calm in the inner world. They are the masters of playing devils advocate and able to embody the notion that “every truth is balanced by an equal and opposite truth”. Libran energy can tolerate paradox and accept polarity like no other.

The shadow of this ability to see both sides of every coin is the confusion and overwhelm involved with making a decision. A tolerance for paradox can only lead to indecision. Paralysed at the crossroads, burdened by the knowledge of differing perceptions and options, Libra must learn that truth is subjective and that they must learn how to make decisions by accessing their heart’s intuitive intelligence. They must learn to become more decisive and connected with their own intuitive truth. Without the ability to choose and make a commitment to what they want in life, they will be agonised by the emptiness of floating aimlessly out at sea. They will be stuck, watching their life pass them by while they are still gazing ahead at the fork in the road in resistance to choosing a path.

This full moon in Libra brings the potential for integration through balancing the needs of self and other. The moon in Libra is opposing the sun in Aries which is highlighting the polarity between two areas of your life (depending on your rising sign). Generally, these complimentary opposite signs teach us how to prioritise our individual needs and goals (Aries) while also compromising and creating harmony by meeting the needs of your significant other, business partner and/or clients (Libra).

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