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Do you identify as an empath or a highly sensitive person?

Do you experience anxiety in the form of fear, self doubt, indecision, discomfort in uncertainty or change?


Do you hesitate to make decisions?


When you finally make a decision, do you doubt it?


Do you often feel stressed, reactive or highly emotional or chaotic in your emotions?


Do you struggle to self soothe or emotionally regulate?


Do you tend to analyse and overthink things about your career, relationships, situations and life in general?


Do you yearn for certainty or a strong sense of clarity without doubt?


Do you have trouble discerning between fear and intuition?


Do you experience perfectionism or a tendency to get stuck in a state of inaction towards your goals due to not feeling ready or good enough or confident enough or knowledgable enough?


If you answered yes to any of the above, I see you. You are not alone.


I have been navigating all of the above on and off for most of my life. There is no shame in experiencing anxiety. It is such a normal part of the human experience as we are such highly sensitive and emotional beings. It is also because of my lived experience with literally all of the above that I can serve you best, because I truly know what you are going through.


Anxiety is not something “overcome” or “eliminate” but something to learn to work with. There is wisdom in the anxiety that your body, mind, emotions and spirit are trying to communicate with you. I will empower you to be able to access this wisdom, support yourself and prioritise the wellbeing of your mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies.


There are 4 main pillars that I work with when it comes to supporting you with anxiety and stress:

1. Mental Health (awareness of any disempowering thoughts or beliefs)

2. Emotional Health (awareness of your emotions as messengers to uncover your emotional needs)

3. Nervous System (to support your nervous system to be able to navigate triggers and distress)

4. Energetic Health (to nurture your energy and cultivate a connection with your higher self/soul/core essence)

I came across Brie at the perfect time. Life was hard, I was going through a separation, struggling financially and completely exhausted from solo parenting two kids. I didn't really know where to start with so many things going spectacularly wrong and no energy or motivation, but I knew I needed help. Brie is so easy to talk to and our sessions were really comfortable, and always flexible, going with the flow.


Brie has a wealth of tools to help me uncover the areas of my life that needed the most attention, often things I hadn't realised about myself, and was able to offer practical and simple yet powerful ways to get moving. Self care was lacking, and I was struggling to see my worth outside of being a mother.


Over the weeks Brie gave me exercises and ideas to help shift my perspective, helped me prioritise myself, and to set and maintain boundaries. Brie has helped me discover a way of living according to my core values, and my life has improved dramatically in our time working together.  I have a renewed belief in myself and every day take conscious action towards my best life. 

Brie has a wealth of knowledge and experience, is kind, professional, generous and has a wonderful upbeat and positive energy. I'm so blessed to have found her and I look forward to keeping in touch and her keeping me on track in the future.

- Amber

Before we started working together I was feeling a bit stuck with my business. I was frustrated that I was not where I wanted to be with it and that was bringing up a lot of negative thoughts both about myself and the situation. I really wanted to shift these limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and feelings that were holding me back and keeping me stuck.


In our sessions Brie helped me examine these beliefs and shift them to something more positive. She also gave me lots of tools and resources to use in between our sessions. This helped me to deal with other beliefs if they came up and to also motivate and inspire me to keep taking action towards my goals.


Sometimes even just talking with Brie was enough to help me get clearer on what I needed to do next and she helped me commit to taking action no matter how small. Working with Brie definitely made me more mindful of my thoughts and beliefs and I now have lots more tools and resources to support  me.

- Olivia

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