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Live by the magic of the sun & moon AB

The sun and moon (the luminaries) are the most prominent astronomical bodies in the sky. Together they embody the principle of polarity both in our physical world and in our psychological nature. In our daily lives the alternating rhythms of the sun and moon regulate our bodies circadian rhythms. The lunation cycle is reflective of the relationship between the Moon, Sun and the Earth. One cycle takes approximately one month (29.5 days) .


There are 8 main lunation phases; the first 4 waxing in light to the full moon and the last 4 waning in light to the new moon. The moon begins it’s cycle in the darkness of the new moon phase. It begins to wax, unfolding from the new moon into the waxing crescent moon, increasing in light, until totally illuminated at the full moon. Then for the second half of the cycle the moon begins to wane, gradually decreasing in light, back to darkness, when she is invisible and ready for the death/rebirth before the next cycle begins.

We live in a world that is full of polarities and contradictions; positive and negative, pleasure and pain, light and dark, hot and cold, up and down, peace and war, birth and death, support and challenge, attraction and repulsion, spirit and matter, north and south, hard and soft, yes and no, winter and summer, black and white, night and day, sound and silence etc. They are the yin and yang energies of life.

We are not robots and cannot function and thrive in action/doing mode 24/7. Learning to honour your inner yin and yang energies is one of the most liberating and self-accepting things you could ever do for your self-care, your schedule and your overall state of emotional and mental wellbeing.

Awareness of the yin and yang phases within the lunation cycle can help you to ride the waves of inspired action when they are there (yang phases). and the permission to just rest, restore, process and replenish your energy (yin phases).

The universal law of cycles reveals that everything is in a constant state of flow which allows one to accept the nature of the birth, life, death, rebirth cycles in life. Life is cyclical and everything is always ebbing and flowing. Our mission is to live in harmony with these cycles to support us to live out our potential by finding balance between being and doing.


The relationship between the moon, the sun and the earth impact us in every way. Our daily circadian rhythms, the oceans tidal cycles, the seasons, animal mating cycles, plant growth seasons, women’s menstrual cycles all reflect back to us to the undeniable cyclical nature of life.

The lunation cycle symbolises the unfolding and continual renewal of all of life forms. It symbolises the recurring pattern of how life creates, fulfils, and destroys itself, only to be reborn again. Nature's cycles are so wonderfully interconnected and symbolic of how we all live and experience life as human beings on every level.