Live by the magic of the sun & moon AB

“Each person has a pattern that leads them toward a certain purpose and destiny. This pattern exists from the moment of birth. When a person recognizes and lives out this purpose it not only gives reason to ones existence but also enhances the wellbeing of others in the world.” James Hillman - The Soul’s Code


Your birth chart is a pattern you are born with that contains a sense of meaning and your destiny. Aristotle spoke of the potentiality of an acorn to become an oak tree. Given the right conditions—soil, water, etc.—that potentiality will become actuality. It has an inherent drive toward actuality, one that needs only the right conditions to trigger it into being. The outcome of an acorn is to become an oak tree – it’s never going to become an apple. And similarly each one of us contains a certain imprint, coding and pattern that is leading us to becoming, having a certain destiny, fulfilling a certain purpose.


Free will says, “We can be whatever we want” and fate disagrees, saying, “No - there is something we are supposed to become from the moment of birth”.


By interpreting the roles of the planets and their qualities (the elements, signs and houses), astrology is able to present a complete and comprehensive picture of who you are and what your highest potential is, based on your natal chart.Once we begin to understand ourselves, what our charts are asking from us and what kinds of activities the chart itself support, we can align our life with it and continue moving towards the fulfillment of our highest potential with clarity and confidence.

I believe that a deeply intimate understanding and acceptance of self is the key to being able to live an authentic and empowered life. Astrology is a modality that has transformed the depth of my understanding and acceptance of myself and my ability to embrace the truest, most authentic versions of who I am in both shadow and light. It continues to keep me in alignment with my highest truth and keeps me aligned with my highest values and grounded in my soul's purpose and life direction.

Astrology is a magical tool that can give you insight into the blueprint of your psyche, your soul’s intention and life’s purpose. Depending on your chart, various sign and planet archetypes will speak to your natural strengths, gifts, shadows, motivations, challenges, needs, desires, temperament, callings and so much more.


Astrology can help you to understand and find meaning in the complexity of who you are and the circumstances of your life experience. A natal chart reading can help to discover yourself on a deeper level. It encourages you to embrace and accept the polarities of dark and light within you. It gives you insight into how to better harness your resources, find balance and find out the gifts you were born with to action your soul’s intention to reach your full potential in this lifetime.


We each hold all 12 archetypes of the zodiac within our chart and these are expressed in 12 different areas of life (houses). Depending on which houses the planets fall in our charts, sheds light on the focus areas of our lives. Depending on the condition of the planets and the way they each interact with each other, the different placements also speak to the ways in which the energies within us and certain aspects of life can either be challenging, effortless, neutral or a combination.


My interpretations focus specifically around your life purpose and the best ways take action towards bringing your soul’s intention to fruition. I will highlight the strengths you can harness and also the obstacles you may be up against. How to find acceptance in difficulty while also finding ways to use the challenges to inspire growth and expansion. I interpret the condition of the planets within the zodiacal archetypes and the house placements in your chart using traditional rulerships and the whole sign house system.