Hi lovely, I'm Brie.  

I consider myself to be a multi-passionate human, spiritual seeker and eternal student. I am fascinated by all things spirituality, psychology and philosophy.


I am driven by the strongest desire to support and empower others in need. I am deeply passionate about authentic human connection, the raising of human consciousness, personal development, mental health and emotional wellbeing. I am an advocate for equality, intersectionality, sustainability, wellbeing, animal rights, human rights and social justice.

I work as a Consciousness Coach and counsellor bridging together psychology with grounded spirituality into my practice. I help my clients to break through fear, manage stress and overcome self-doubt by cultivating a more empowered mindset. I work with clients to uncover any limiting core beliefs that may be sabotaging their sense of self-confidence, self-worth, self-belief and overall sense of wellbeing and alignment.


I believe that a deeply intimate understanding and acceptance of self is the key to being able to live an authentic and empowered life. My mission in this life is to share all of my resources, knowledge and gifts to help you embody your truth, live in alignment and achieve your highest potential, because that is the gift we have as human beings with access to free will and conscious choice.

What brought me here

A cancer diagnosis at 23 was the catalyst for my dark night of the soul which metamorphosed me to where I am today. This experience triggered within me the depth and darkness of fear and debilitating physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering.


My inquisitive nature and love of learning served me the most during this time. I was incredibly determined to question everything, challenge the status quo and pave my own path to healing and self-empowerment.

Since my health crisis, I spent the past 7 years studying and dabbling in so many wellbeing and healing modalities such as yoga, mindfulness therapy, reiki, chakra healing, philosophy, counselling (psychology), astrology and personal development.

Read more about my journey here.

My point of difference

I am confident in my ability to meet you where you are at (without projecting or assuming to know). I truly want to get to know you on a soul level and hear what is on your heart so I can support you on the deepest possible level. I am a certified coach, counsellor, yoga teacher and mindfulness therapist however these certifications and titles would be completely meaningless if the intellectual knowledge was not embodied.

It is actually my lived experiences and commitment to my own empowerment and alignment that enables and qualifies me to hold space for others to transform their lives. I have had to deeply integrate what I've learnt over the years to support myself in navigating my own deeply feeling, highly sensitive temperament on all levels; cognitive, emotional, physical and energetic.

There are endless layers to this work and it would be such a privilege for me to be the person in your life who questions you, challenges you, holds space for you, holds you accountable to actioning whatever it is that keeps you in alignment with your values, catches you when you fall and above all else - believes in your capacity to heal with such fierceness that all of your self-doubt and resistance will have no choice but to melt away


More details on how to work with me here.



Graduate Diploma of Counselling 2017-2020

Certificate of Consciousness Coaching 2018

Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching 2015

Level 1 Reiki Healing 2014
Diploma of Mindfulness Therapy 2014
Bachelor of Arts 2010-2013